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Day in the Life of...A Tourism Student

27th March 2018

As a current final year student studying International Tourism Management at Plymouth University, it is truly a shock that I even have found the time to write a short paragraph about a typical day in the life. It is also what I deem to be pretty bog standard and boring! Writing this on a “typical” day, well what happened this Monday went as follows...

7.00am Wake up

7.30am Went to kettlesize fitness class (I had major regrets as soon as I got out of my nice warm bed but a top tip is to pay in advance then as a skint student you feel guilty if you don’t go).

8.15am Get home, try to shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, have a cuppa, all in the space of 30 mins as lectures start at 9.

9.00am Arrive at lecture bang on time and sit there for 4 hours. Yes that’s right I have a 9-1pm lecture every Monday for the module I am currently sitting on called “Film, Literary and Heritage tourism”.

1.00pm Do a quick shop and eat some lunch!

2.00pm As school rep I participated in a focus group ran by the head of the faculty around personal tutoring.

3.30pm Return home for a much-needed cup of tea and quick siesta!

4.30pm Do some emails (way too many emails), proof read my ABTA internship application essay, look at some potential job applications (please feel free to give me a job/internship/placement) and get changed for hockey.

6.00pm Hockey training!

7.55pm Try to rescue my hands from frostbite!

8.30pm Get home and try to rescue my whole body from frostbite and jump in the shower.

9.00pm Eat some dinner.

10.00pm I wish this said I did some late-night work which was really productive but really, I watched Call the Midwife as I missed it on Sunday.

11.00pm Collapse with a hot water bottle ready to start all over again!

On any other typical day I would have much more time to get on with my general work, however Mondays are usually my busiest day of the week.

Day in the Life of...A Tourism Student