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Two New Consultations

Consultations on London's Ultra Low Emission Zone and Improving Assisted Travel on Railways open for views https://goo.gl/xEFM6v and https://goo.gl/aKZr73

London Ultra Low Emission Zone

First, the Mayor of London has launched a consultation on two initiatives to improve London’s air. These involve:

  • Tightening the standards of the existing London-wide Low Emission Zone from 2020, which affects heavy vehicles: buses, coaches and HGVs and other heavy specialist vehicles
  • Expanding the ULEZ for light vehicles (cars, vans and motorcycles) from central London to inner London up to, but not including the North and South Circular roads in 2021 so that all vehicles in this area are subject to emissions standards

The first proposal will be of most interest to tourism businesses as this will impact on coach operators, and therefore tour operators, hoteliers and tourism attractions within London that reply on the services of coach operators. While it is obviously in everyone’s interest to improve air quality within London, it will be important that any new initiatives do so in a way that does not unnecessarily detrimentally impact on tourism businesses located within the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. This is particularly relevant to operators that rely on the school groups and day-trip operators. Simon Smith at the  Confederation for Passenger Transport Simon.Smith@cpt-uk.org  is the expert on this issue and will be able to provide further details to anyone who thinks that this may impact on their members.

The consultation is open until 28th Feb and is available on the following link https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/environment/air-quality-consultation-phase-3b/

Improving Assisted Travel on Railways

The Office for Road and Rail is undertaking a consultation on ways to improve assisted travel arrangements provided by train operators. Specifically they are seeking views on

  • how passenger awareness of Assisted Travel might be increased.
  • what action could be taken to improve the reliability of assistance for passengers.
  • how training for company staff could be strengthened.
  • how monitoring of Assisted Travel can be improved.

This will be of interest to members providing travel for elderly or disabled customers and for business wanting to improve the ability of customers to reach their premises using public transport. The consultation is open until 31 January and is available on the following link:



Two New Consultations