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Free Journal Articles from Tourism Review

Limited time free access to Tourism Review articles:goo.gl/m2BtJZ

Looking for something to browse and keep up to date with wider thinking and research? Peer reviewed journal Tourism Review is giving free access for the next two weeks to ten of its most recently published articles:

Hotels that most rely on Booking.com – online travel agencies (OTAs) and hotel distribution channels

Eva Martin-Fuentes, Juan Pedro Mellinas
Keywords: Hotel, Big data, Booking.com, OTA, Reviews, Rooms
Type: Research paper  Abstract HTML PDF (250 KB)

Contributions of tourism to destination sustainability: golf tourism in St Andrews, Scotland

Richard William Butler
Keywords: St Andrews, Golf tourism, Destination sustainability
Type: Research paper  Abstract  HTML PDF (146 KB)

Smart destinations and tech-savvy millennial tourists: hype versus reality

Francisco Femenia-Serra, José F. Perles-Ribes, Josep A. Ivars-Baidal
Keywords: Generation Y, Smart tourism, Millennials, ICTs, Smart tourism destinations, Tourist behaviour
Type: Research paper  Abstract HTML PDF (304 KB)

Mobile technologies and applications towards smart tourism – state of the art

Jelena Dorcic, Jelena Komsic, Suzana Markovic
Type: Literature review Abstract HTML PDF (435 KB)

Sustainability in wildlife tourism: challenging the assumptions and imagining alternatives

Giovanna Bertella
Keywords: Innovation, Sustainable tourism, Wildlife tourism, Ecofeminism, Critical tourism studies, Knowledge paradigm, Animal ethics
Type: Conceptual Paper Abstract HTML PDF (189 KB)

Sustainable tourism certification in the African hotel sector

Anna Spenceley
Keywords: Africa, Certification, Hotel, Sustainable tourism, Incentive
Type: Research paper Abstract HTML PDF (210 KB)

Tourism information technology research trends: 1990-2016

Yulan Yuan, Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Chaang-Iuan Ho
Keywords: Bibliographic coupling analysis, Bibliometric approach, Computer-assisted analysis, Tourism information technology
Type: Literature review Abstract HTML PDF (304 KB)

The emerging smart event experience: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

John Richard Thomas Bustard, Peter Bolan, Adrian Devine, Karise Hutchinson
Keywords: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Event Experience, Smart Tourism, Smart Destinations, Smart Event Experience, Smartphone Applications
Type: Research paper Abstract HTML PDF (195 KB)

New directions in sustainable tourism research

Lisa Ruhanen, Char-lee Moyle, Brent Moyle
Keywords: Research, Sustainable tourism, Bibliometric, Research directions, Brundtland report
Type: General review  Abstract HTML PDF (338 KB)

Free Journal Articles from Tourism Review