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TMI Activities in the Regions

At the AGM and National Council meeting, members discussed how TMI’s Regional Representatives currently feel about their roles, what are the good points, what are key issues and how could we address them. Please email TMI Vice President Amanda Lumley MTMI with your thoughts and comments in time for the December Executive meeting

Discussion topic: How do we engage more with TMI members nationally through our regional representatives and should we review their role and the regions they represent to develop wider opportunities?


Regional representatives are seen as a crucial part of the TMI acting as main points of contact locally for members, sharing vital information and listening to key opinion formers and innovators in the ground.

Their role is relatively light touch and includes contributing to twice yearly regional round ups in newsletters, attending twice yearly TMI meetings including the AM, annual conference and Hot Topic, recruiting new members and encouraging their attendance at events as well as liaising with other key local and regional tourism bodies to raise awareness of the work of TMI nationally. 

Recent discussions within the TMI executive have highlighted the difficulty in getting representation in some key areas of the UK including Scotland and Ireland and this has led to questions around the role and opportunities for regional representation going forwards. The executive agreed it best to discuss with current members and regional representatives at the AGM to understand what the reality is and explore opportunities going forwards.


Question:  How do our regional representatives currently feel about their roles, what are the good points and what are key issues and how could we address them?

Raw feedback:

  • Many regional reps are quite senior management level with very heavy workloads and this means very little ability to commit much time
  • Some feel like they are reps in name only due to lack of time to support as well as they would like to
  • Maybe more executives should be encouraged to take these roles and managers should actively encourage their staff?
  • What examples of best practice for reps are there in other organisations e.g. CIPR/CIM?
  • Geography may be restrictive – old RDA regions not as relevant now?
  • How do we bring people together in areas without having to travel too far – geography needs to have natural connectivity?
  • Can we do more digital activities for the younger members who are more used to sharing info on social media etc – what about ‘Ted style talks’?
  • Linked in group seems to work quite well we should do more of this
  • Face to face contact cannot be beaten and is important as is the networking element of meetings
  • Each area should at least have a student rep – what about lining around University clusters?
  • Networking events would work for Universities as it fits with the remit of senior managers to get student connected with businesses locally
  • Universities are also good places to host guest lectures – could TMI help feed in guest speakers and topics linked to key live issues in the sector?
  • Can we link to CPD hubs?
  • Can we co-ordinate lectures nationally – rolling programme perhaps?
  • The ITT student ambassador scheme was cited – a tiered approach where Universities can become centres of excellence – perhaps we can use as an example of best practice?
  • Does the University hub geography that we have currently match a loose regional coverage that may work?
  • Can we use coastal/rural/city geography to link in with VE forums? Would that work for VE?
  • What about if we have too many regions- 20 or 30 would be too much for national council – or would it?
  • What about having more specific student session before annual events or more networking rather than just regional networking?


Based on the feedback above it seems that there is appetite for the following:

  • Regional representation to be more closely linked to our University academies
  • More student reps regionally
  • More executive level reps
  • More digital activity on linked on key topics
  • More speakers at guest lectures linked into key topics and University events

Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion.

The Executive will now discuss this feedback at the next meeting in December and agree how to take forwards.

Any further comments please send to Amanda Lumley before Friday 30 November.


TMI Activities in the Regions