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Tourism Technology Trends for 2019

TMI sponsors New Mind have been looking at key travel technology trends for 2019. They highlight a need for faster, more seamless and interactive travel experiences which are extended by technology when they relive their holidays long after they’ve returned home. Hear more about travel technology at the TMI Hot Topic on 23 May in London – details coming very soon but meantime you can register now

According to New Mind’s blog, the key developments for 2019 will be a further rise in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) phenomena such as chatbots; more travel brands adopting Virtual Reality especially for the planning phase; increasing use of Augmented Reality (AR) in hotels and destinations, and throughout the visitor journey; recognition technology will continue to speed our journeys through airports and increasingly, check in; and, of course, continued emphasis on personalisation – though data capture has to be balanced against travellers’ personal privacy. Read the full blog piece on New Mind’s web site

Tourism Technology Trends for 2019