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How User Generated Content (UGC) Has Transformed Travel

TMI sponsors New Mind|tellUs share their newest partner Stackla’s latest insights into the growing influence of User Generated Content (UGC). Stackla’s 2017 survey revealed that UGC influenced an average of 42% of consumers’ travel planning, whilst their 2019 follow up survey of consumers and B2C marketers in 2019 showed that had risen to 60%. Meanwhile, it appears that celebrities, influencers and travel brands are having less and less influence. Stackla’s Andy Mallinson will be giving more insights in his presentation at the Hot Topic next month

New Mind’s blog post goes on to consider the impact of different types of content in the different stages of the travel cycle, and points to the disconnect between what marketers think they are delivering and the consumer’s actual experience. Food for thought! Read the whole blog here and join us at the Hot Topic to hear it from Andy Mallinson when he urges us to curate rather than create.

How User Generated Content (UGC) Has Transformed Travel