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Promoting Flanders and the Great War Centenary

Lisa Thomas, Travel Trade Manager at VisitFlanders, will share with delegates how an important historical anniversary, The Great War Centenary, can stimulate visitors to a region/country and how to work with the industry around these events. Delegates will hear how to maintain a focus on a subject over a four year period. Find out nmore about all our speakers here

Lisa will share tips on how to engage with the travel industry, get them to differentiate their product and spread the visitors in the region. She will review the challenges VisitFlanders faced and the legacies left by the four year campaign.

We also asked her about her most memorable UK holiday. Apparently, a childhood trip to Wales, memorable for all the wrong reasons: “whilst having the time of our lives exploring rock pools and having fun on the beach, my brother “lost” the car keys as was discovered by my fraught parents when it came to packing up to go home and the tide was coming in fast!  Yes we were parked on the beach and thankfully we did find them in time, but only just! “

Promoting Flanders and the Great War Centenary