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Hot Topic Success

Initial feedback and the buzz on the day indicates that last week's Hot Topic was perhaps one of our best ever, with a strong line up of entertaining, informative and inspirational speakers sharing insights and experiences of enhancing destination appeal through events and experiences. If you missed it, you can access presentations on the web site, where speakers have given us permission to share them with members.The day was a fitting tribute to Simon Curtis, our late and much missed Head of Events, who put so much into planning the programme and bringing the event to Westminster before his sudden and unexpected death earlier this year. Our thanks to his colleagues, Andrew Smith and Helen Farrell, who picked up the threads and made us welcome, as well as to Nell Barrington, TMI Event Manager, and Robin Barker, our Immediate Past President, who stepped up to fill the gap as interim Head of Events.

If you were there, you should have received your attendance certificate and a link to the online version of the feedback form. Please do take 5 minutes to tell us how you rated the event - it helps us in p[utting together future events for members and the wider touirsm destination management community. We'd also love to hear from you if you are interested in serving as TMI's new Head of Events. Please contact Robin Barker for further details and an informal chat: rbarker@services4tourism.co.uk

Hot Topic Success