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Guardians of Grub - Reducing Food Waste Toolkit

A toolkit has just been launched aimed at helping tourism and hospitality businesses fight food waste. The hospitality and food sector throw away one million tonnes of food waste annually, 75% of which could have been eaten. Under the auspices of WRAP (Waste Resources and Action Programme), a group of people from across the industry are working to fight food waste. You can download their campaign toolkit and resource pack, and we encourage you to spread the word among your tourism and hospitality businesses – it doesn’t just make planetary sense, it makes economic sense as well

Both the toolkit and the resources are available from the dedicated Guardians of Grub web site. The campaign toolkit includes:

  • Campaign briefing
  • Campaign symbol
  • Short and long copy
  • Social media images and copy
  • Digital banners
  • Email signatures
  • Posters
  • Team briefing
  • Video content

The food waste resources include:

  • A quickstart guide to reducing food waste
  • Post: 6 ways to save food
  • 7 day tracking sheet
  • Food tracking calculator
  • Food tracking calculator instructions
  • Self assessment matrix
  • Campaign summary checklist
Guardians of Grub - Reducing Food Waste Toolkit