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Latest Research on Football Tourism

The latest Foresight Report from VisitBritain and Arkenford looks at the impact and role of football and tourism, whether English football can be sued as a tool to attract international tourism, the best ways to connect with that audience and whether there is anyhow cross-over from existing international activity. The research was carried out among their Buzzseeker segment of international travellers with some interest in football, so is not widely applicable, but should be of interest to destinations with high profile teams.

The report looks at the potential for football tourism among this Buzzseeker segment in target countries such as the USA, China, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and India. It gives a summary for each country, looks at interest in football and interest in the Premier league, as well as the football effect. The data were collected through an online survey of 2412 people between end of November 2018 and the beginning of January 2019 from a sample including only international Buzzseekers with an interest in football. You can download the report from the TMI web site

Latest Research on Football Tourism