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Destination Prioritisation at Tourism Alliance AGM

Today (16 July) TMI representatives attended the AGM of the Tourism Alliance – known as ‘Tourism’s Voice’ – of which we are active members.

There were two guest speakers, and in a mixed audience of representatives from all sectors of tourism what was apparent was their prioritisation of tourism structures and DMOs.

Lord Thurso, a tourism advocate with numerous roles both in industry and government, currently Chair of VisitScotland, spoke of our ‘broken structures’ with current funding in England barely sufficient for destinations to exist, let alone fulfil their potential. He also shared his firm belief in the need for compulsory registration of accommodation and prioritisation of tourism plans for climate change.

The second speaker was Stephen Darke, Head of Tourism at DCMS, who covered The Sector Deal and its three strands of Infrastructure, Productivity and Seasonality, and Data Sharing and Accessibility.  In all three strands he identified the important role of DMOs in coordinating industry and ensuring delivery.  When asked (by our TMI representative) whether government is aware of just how frail and underfunded DMOs are in parts of the country he made it very clear that he was fully aware of this, and it would be part of his briefing to ministers once the current conservative party election is concluded.

We are delighted that Stephen also confirmed that he will speak at this October’s TMI Convention in October, at which we are planning significant coverage of the Sector Deal, as well as discussions on accommodation registration, AirBNB and tourism taxes.

Early Bird rates for booking the Convention end on 23 September – see TMI Events

Robin Barker

Destination Prioritisation at Tourism Alliance AGM