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Government's response to the six month review of the Package Travel Regulations

The Government have responded to: The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018: July 2018 to March 2019 review

The report, which includes the government’s response, sets out feedback received from key industry bodies, businesses, consumer groups and enforcement authorities to a questionnaire which focused on the immediate issues faced by businesses and consumers when adjusting to the new requirements in Package Travel Regulations (PTR) 2018.

Government Response Published 22 July 19

Kurt Jansen from the Tourism Alliance said:

'On the bright side – there is considerable recognition within the review that the new Package Travel Regulations are confusing to interpret, burdensome on tourism businesses and, in many cases, provide little benefit to consumers. The response also recognises and accept a number of the arguments that we have been making regarding the unintended impacts on the domestic tourism industry, Indeed, the Government actually accepts concerns that the regulations may be damaging the UK’s domestic tourism industry and are counter to the want for tourism businesses together.


Somewhat surprisingly, however, the Government goes on to say that while they will work with stakeholders to provide further clarity on interpretation of the regulations, they cannot actually change the Guidance as this would alter the meaning of PTR 2018.  Which begs the question – “How can you provide more clarity without changing the Guidance?”


One final point worth noting is that they have decided to postpone the 12-month review (which should have started at the beginning of this month) until a time when the UK’s position in a post-EU exit landscape is clear. This makes sense with the 31st Oct deadline for leaving the EU fast approaching.


In the meantime, we will continue to discuss the problems associated with the regulations with officials and seek further clarify on the interpretation where it comes to LTAs and other tourism services sold on-site by accommodation businesses.'

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Government's response to the six month review of the Package Travel Regulations