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Labour Party Manifesto - Key Points for Tourism

With only two weeks to go everyone is now poring over all the party manifestos.  (Well some of us are, so you don't have to..)

If you don't have time to read them all in full, here is a summary of the key policies for the Tourism Industry, from each of the three main parties.

You can find the full Labour Manifesto here


Key Tourism-related policies include:

  • A new £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund for libraries, museums and galleries.
  • Maintaining free entry to museums
  • Launching a Town of Culture competition in addition to the City of Culture
  • Banning zero-hour contracts and requiring cancelled shifts to be paid
  • Introducing four new bank holidays for the four patron saints (presumably this is only one new Bank holiday per country)
  • The immigration policy is vague – simply saying that they recognise the social and economic benefits that free movement has brought both in terms of EU citizens here and UK citizens abroad – and we will seek to protect those rights
  • Helping small businesses benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy by increasing the amount that can be transferred to non-levy-paying employers to 50% and introducing an online matching service
  • Ending new sales of combustion engine cars by 2030
  • Increased aviation capacity, while not ruled out, would have to pass their tests on air quality, noise pollution, climate change obligations and countrywide benefits.
  • Creating new National Parks alongside a revised system of other protected area designations
  • Review border controls to make them more effective.
  • Review Business Rates including the option of a land value tax on commercial landlords as an alternative.
  • Listing pubs as Assets of Community Value so community groups have the first chance to buy local pubs when they are under threat.
  • Introducing a new national levy on second homes used as holiday homes
  • Plus - We will give councils new powers to regulate short-term lets through companies such as Airbnb.

Kurt Janson


Labour Party Manifesto - Key Points for Tourism