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Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto - Key Points for Tourism

With only two weeks to go everyone is now poring over all the party manifestos.  (Well some of us are, so you don't have to..)

If you don't have time to read them all in full, here is a summary of the key policies for the Tourism Industry, from each of the three main parties.

You can find the full Lib Dem manifesto here.

Liberal Democrats 

The key tourism-related policies

Support the tourist industry which is vital for many local economies by:

  • Upgrading the status of tourism within government, by creating a Department of Digital, Culture, Media, Sport and Tourism, with a designated Minister of State for Tourism.
  • Enabling local authorities to bring in tourist levies to fund local tourism infrastructure.
  • A programme of installing hyper-fast, fibre-optic broadband across the UK – with a particular focus on connecting rural areas, ensuring all businesses have access to superfast broadband (30Mbps download and 6Mbps upload)
  • Develop the skilled workforce needed to support this growth by introducing a new two-year visa for students to work after graduation and a major expansion of high-quality apprenticeships including Higher Apprenticeships, backed up by new sector-led National Colleges.
  • Develop a national skills strategy for key sectors
  • Create creative enterprise zones to grow and regenerate the cultural output of areas across the UK.
  • Prioritise small and medium-sized businesses in the rollout of hyper-fast broadband
  • Create a new ‘start-up allowance’ to help those starting a new business with their living costs in the crucial first weeks of their business
  • Finance the transformation of town centres by expanding the Future High Streets Fund.
  • Replace Business Rates in England with a Commercial Landowner Levy based solely on the land value of commercial sites rather than their entire capital value
  • Setting a 20 per cent higher minimum wage for people on zero-hour contracts at times of normal demand to compensate them for the uncertainty of fluctuating hours of work
  • Giving a right to request a fixed-hours contract after 12 months for ‘zero hours’ and agency workers
  • Expand the apprenticeship levy into a wider ‘Skills and Training Levy’ to help prepare the UK’s workforce for the economic challenges ahead with 25 per cent of the funds raised by the levy going into a ‘Social Mobility Fund’ targeted at areas with the greatest skill needs.
  • Maintain free access to national museums and galleries
  • Completing the coastal path, exploring a ‘right to roam’ for waterways and creating a new designation of National Nature Parks.
  • Providing £2bn to ensure that all private hire vehicles and new buses licensed to operate in urban areas (I presume coaches too) are ultra-low-emission or zero-emission vehicles by 2025
  • Reduce the climate impact of flying by reforming the taxation of international flights to focus on those who fly the most, while reducing costs for those who take one or two international return fights per year, placing a moratorium on the development of new runways (net) in the UK, opposing any expansion of Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted and any new airport in the Thames Estuary, and introducing a zero-carbon fuels blending requirement for domestic fights
  • Allocate £4.5 billion restoring bus routes and add new routes where there is local need including supporting rural bus services and encouraging alternatives to conventional bus
  • services where they are not viable
  • Allow local authorities to increase council tax by up to 500 per cent where homes are being bought as second homes
  • Launch a National Fund for Coastal Change, to enable local authorities to properly manage their changing coastlines.


 Kurt Janson

Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto - Key Points for Tourism