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Pandemics, tourism and global change: a rapid assessment of COVID-19

The Journal of Sustainable Tourism has published the first comprehensive rapid assessment of COVID-19 and its implications for tourism.

The title, link to the full paper online and abstract are outlined below. This paper critically explores how the current pandemic is likely to change society, the economy and tourism. Given the importance of this topic to the wide readership of the journal (and far beyond), this paper has been published online under open access status. The co-editors of the journal acknowledge the four referees who reviewed this manuscript and their willingness to do so with priority given the enormity of the circumstances and the importance of this work.

Abstract: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is challenging the world. With no vaccine and limited medical capacity to treat the disease, nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are the main strategy to contain the pandemic. Unprecedented global travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders are causing the most severe disruption of the global economy since World War II. With international travel bans affecting over 90% of the world population and wide-spread restrictions on public gatherings and community mobility, tourism largely ceased in March 2020. Early evidence on impacts on air travel, cruises, and accommodations have been devastating. While highly uncertain, early projections from UNWTO for 2020 suggest international arrivals could decline by 20 to 30% relative to 2019. Tourism is especially susceptible to measures to counteract pandemics because of restricted mobility and social distancing. The paper compares the impacts of COVID-19 to previous epidemic/pandemics and other types of global crises and explores how the pandemic may change society, the economy, and tourism. It discusses why COVID-19 is an analogue to the ongoing climate crisis, and why there is a need to question the volume growth tourism model advocated by UNWTO, ICAO, CLIA, WTTC and other tourism organizations.

Link to the full paper here.



Pandemics, tourism and global change: a rapid assessment of COVID-19