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TMI weekly Zoom Discussions

Here is the information and Eventbrite links for next three TMI Zooms sessions

Please book for each session individually in advance.  This helps us to maximise security. 

Please try to be ready and online for 11am as you may not be admitted if you are late.

TMI members are welcome to invite guests to join us. They need to book themselves with their own email and name their member host (in order for us to let them into meeting).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

“Tourism Post-COVID: Surfing the Tsunami” – 11am, 28 May

Changes in travel motivation post COVID-19 - what will they be? (and can we 'Build Back Better'?)

‘A new normal’ and ‘tourism is resilient’…….Phrases bandied around with perhaps more wishful thinking than certainty, as we try to make sense of what tourism might look like in a post-COVID world. We’re surfing a huge wave and no-one knows where it’s going to break. But what we can be sure of is that another overworked description, ‘unprecedented’, is as true of the current crisis as it will be of the future.

Tom Buncle FTMI will lead a discussion that tries to look over the horizon and imagine where we’re headed.  Tom Buncle runs international destination consultancy Yellow Railroad Ltd. A former CEO of Visit Scotland, he also ran Visit Britain operations in Southeast Asia, Norway and California.



Responding to DCMS Enquiry with Andrew Bateman – 11am, 4 June

TMI is preparing a response from UK Destinations to the DCMS Select Committee on the Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism.

We'd welcome your ideas and input!

An opportunity to hear about and help influence final content of TMI’s submission to this important review.

Session led by Andrew Bateman FTMI, Policy and Advocacy Lead, TMI
Tourism Manager, Visit Hampshire



A Brighter Future? - with Susan Briggs 11am, 11 June

Trying to find the positives post-Covid: how I’m helping businesses to create new opportunities, experiences, markets and messages.

Susan Briggs MTMI has worked in tourism marketing for 30+ years. After writing too many destination strategies, she now seeks to build the value of tourism by focusing on practical grass roots activity.




TMI weekly Zoom Discussions