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Tourism Recovery Plan

As an outcome of this week’s Tourism Industry Council meeting to discuss DCMS’s development of a Tourism Recovery Plan, DCMS has asked for:

  • Evidence outlining the impact of the VAT cut (see the survey previously posted)
  • How consumer demand is changing as a result of COVID-19 (and therefore what changes are needed because of this)

DCMS outlined how this plan will structure under two main sections and six key themes. These being:

Short to medium term:

  • Reopening safely
  • Supporting business
  • Stimulating demand

Medium to long term:

  • Developing local visitor economies / levelling-up
  • Supporting the events industry
  • Transforming the sector to be more resilient, sustainable, innovative and accessible

They have asked the following questions related to these sections and themes:

  • Are these the right things to be looking at?
  • Aside from focusing on scaling back restrictions in the right way, is any further intervention needed to help businesses reopen safely?
  • What do businesses most need support with between now and 31st March? 
  • What are the most important measures to have in place to support the sector after the 31st March, and why?
  • Should the Government focus more on protecting supply or stimulating demand?

Please send all responses to kurt.janson@tourismalliance.com by 4th January.


Tourism Recovery Plan