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Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award - South West Tourism Awards

On 22nd April South West Tourism Awards announced an Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award, sponsored by Bristol Airport. 

The recipients were: The Great South West Tourism Partnership Group (Spokespeople Amanda Lumley MTMI (TMI President) and Destination Plymouth, Alistair Handyside - South West Tourism Alliance)

The Great South West Tourism Partnership is made up of organisations from a range of backgrounds including commercial, not for profit business, local authorities and business improvement districts. The group works together to build a stronger, more productive and valuable tourism and hospitality network for the South West Region.  

Robin Barker, FTMI and previous TMI President, made this announcement:

'I am honoured and privileged to announce the winners of this year’s award for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism.

The past year has been extraordinary – and for many of us life-changing, and often more about survival than simply delivering excellence.  But throughout it all a new force has emerged for tourism across the South West – a force that has dedicated days, weeks, even months to help tourism businesses in the region.

This force has:

  • Lobbied government for rule changes, tax changes, more support, clarifications and funding
  • Lobbied your MPs and twisted dozens of arms to get behind this region’s top industry
  • Engaged with ministers to present the case for tourism and what it brings to the region and country
  • Involved the region’s LEPs and Councils to get behind us
  • Liaised closely with DCMS and government departments to inform and educate them
  • Undertaken research to inform everyone of the impacts of COVID and the industry’s requirements
  • Communicated, communicated and communicated – at all times doing the utmost to make sure this industry has stayed aware of a constantly changing environment and the daily rule changes

It has not just lobbied, but has seen success too!  I am personally convinced that ‘the force’ was instrumental in such changes as:

  • The changing of social distance rules from 2 to 1 metre
  • The reduction in VAT from 20 to 5%
  • The additional grants to businesses that were excluded from the first tranches of support
  • Increased payouts from insurance companies

‘The force’ comprises a group of tourism leaders who have met online every week, or at least every fortnight, for over a year – with huge amounts of work going on between meetings.   It has seen dozens of people involved at different stages – you’ll know who you are – with its most regular and active participants being:

  • Amanda Lumley MTMI, Destination Plymouth,TMI President 
  • Alistair Handyside, PASC and SWTA
  • Malcolm Bell FTMI, VisitCornwall
  • Becky Davies MTMI,  Torbay Development Agency 
  • Sally Everton MTMI, VisitDevon
  • Emma Thomasson, VisitExmoor
  • Giles Adams and John Turner, VisitSomerset
  • Martin Cox, Dorset Tourism Association
  • Carolyn Custerson MTMI, English Riviera
  • .. plus countless others, to whom I apologise for not mentioning you here.

‘The Force’ has recently morphed into a body referred to as ‘The Great South West Tourism Partnership’ and I am delighted to announce that they are the recipients of this year’s Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award.

Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award - South West Tourism Awards