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Destination managers have a diverse range of essential skills in looking after their areas, including providing leadership, pushing up quality, encouraging suitable employment, running events, marketing, collaboration and working with councils and third parties.

But to make use of these skills destination management organisations need to exist, and in the current climate that is proving very hard for many.  The last decade has seen an erosion of traditional forms of funding, with the arrival of an array of different funding models from BIDS to LEPS and fully commercial models.

This conference comes at an essential time in destination evolution, with destination sustainability being essential to the delivery of much of the proposed industrial strategy. We will be hearing from possible funders as well as from peers with experiences to share.  It is also in a city that TMI has never been to before and one with its own great story to tell.

I look forward to sharing a great Cambridge experience with you.



Robin Barker FTMI

President TMI