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Get Involved

With the exception of one or two specialist services, TMI is run by its members for its members.  The Executive are elected from among the membership, as are the National and Regional Representatives, and we welcome enquiries from members who want to get involved in helping us to deliver services and activities.

Members who actively participate in TMI generally say they get more out of their membership.  There are several ways to get involved: you don’t have to stand for the National Council or Executive immediately!  You could be part of a small regional team organising networking and professional development events in your area, either purely TMI or as part of wider Tourism Society chapter activities.  Find out more from Amanda Lumley, President, or Siobhan Wilson, Hon. Secretary

Or you could join one of our working groups on professional development, events or communications.  The Events Working Group takes on much of the background work involved in organising our Hot Topic and Annual Convention conferences: suggesting and researching venues, topics and speakers, and helping with practical tasks during the events themselves. Find out more from Andy Woodward, Head of Events

The Professional Development Working Group will have an exciting agenda over coming months, looking at ways to extend the Course Recognition Scheme, and particularly to engage and recognise members’ own professional development activities.  They are also the people who review membership applications, assess the David Hughes Memorial Award submissions and review/suggest candidates for Fellow of TMI. Find out more from Tom Pridmore, Head of CPD or Siobhan Wilson, Hon. Secretary

Most if not all of the current Executive Board began by getting involved in a working group or a regional team, and all would say that what they’ve put into TMI has paid dividends, not just for their professional association but also for their own careers. You can contact our current Regional Reps by email:

Peter Robinson - Yorkshire@tmi.org.uk
Andrew Keeling - Eastmidlands@tmi.org.uk
Asa Morrison - EastofEngland@tmi.org.uk
Shaon Talukder - London
Neil McCollum - Southeast@tmi.org.uk
Laura Campbell - Southwest@tmi.org.uk
Becky Frall - Westmidlands@tmi.org.uk
Paul Armstrong - Northwest@tmi.org.uk

If that tempts you, get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!