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Visit Britain 2021 Tourism Forecast

The annual VisitBritain forecast for the volume and value of inbound tourism to the UK is issued in December each year. 2020 forecast Inbound: VisitBritain’s latest central scenario forecast for inbound tourism to the UK in 2020, as of December 11th, is for a decline of 76% in visits to 9.7 million and a decline of 80% in spending to £5.7 billion. This would represent a loss vs the pre-COVID forecast of 32.3 million visits and £24.7 billion spending. 2020 forecast Domestic: We have forecast a central scenario for England of £28.5 billion in domestic tourism spending in 2020, down 63% compared to 2019 when spending by domestic tourists in England was £75.9bn Official inbound tourism statistics from the Office for National Statistics have only been published up to June 2020, and detailed statistics only up to March 2020. However, a number of other data sources are available which allow us to assess the state of inbound tourism to the UK. VisitBritain has issued a number of updates to its inbound forecast during 2020.

Date: 17th December 2020

Survey for Cut Tourism VAT Campaign

Please take a few moments to complete this survey designed to help the Cut Tourism VAT Campaign and UK Hospitality evidence the benefits of the current temporary cut in VAT on tourism services. We would like to thank Kate Nichols, CEO UK Hospitality. for sparing some time for TMI members today, from her incredibly busy schedule.   The TMI supports all the work that UK Hospitality are doing and would urge you to complete the survey.  You may also wish to circulate the survey to some or all your local business partners: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9CHZNCQ

Date: 16th December 2020

TMI Zoom Thursday 17th December 2021 with Kate Nichols CEO of UK Hospitality

We are delighted to welcome Kate Nichols CEO of UK Hospitality as our guest speaker on Thursday 17th December at 11am. You can find out more about how to book below.

Date: 1st December 2020

Quality in Tourism - Safe, Clean & Legal

TMI sponsor, Quality in Tourism set up Safe Clean & Legal in 2018 but it has been updated to reflect additional requirements and standards for travel in the post-COVID era.

Date: 1st December 2020

VisitBritain/VisitEngland priorities for 2021-2022

Following the Chancellor's statement yesterday, we have received confirmation that VisitBritain/VisitEngland will have a rollover budget for next year plus an additional pot to focus on agreed priorities. This means that we have a core budget of £19.9 million for VisitBritain, £7.1 million for VisitEngland and a further £5 million as we work to support tourism’s recovery.

Date: 26th November 2020

Weekly COVID Surveillance Report Figures

We thought it was worth noting the following figures. Here is a link to PHE’s weekly National Influenza and COVID19 Surveillance Report with all the detailed information about covid cases. Of particular note are the statistics on where covid-related acute respiratory infection (ARI) incidents occurred.  Of 1411 new ARI incidents that were reported in week 46 in the UK, only 10 that had at least one linked case that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, were from food/restaurant settings.

Date: 20th November 2020