#Get Back On Board  

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#Get Back On Board  

The coach tourism industry is a vital contributor to most destination visitors economies and as many destination consider their environmental policy it offers the most environmental friendly form of passenger transport. The industry economy is worth an estimated £4.4bn across the UK, directly supporting over 40,000 jobs and contributing logistics for the UK’s £7.7bn tourism economy

However, the coach sector has experienced the biggest threat to its existence since the Second World War and has received no “industry-specific” financial support from the UK Government.   There are approximately 3000 coach business in the UK, businesses which were entirely viable in the pre-COVID era but which now face a bleak future as cash reserves run dry.

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) will be delivering its first-ever nationwide TV advertising campaign in January that promotes traveling by coach. The #getbackonboard campaign aims to raise awareness of all the positive experiences coaches and traveling on their offer, remind those who used coaches for leisure travel before the pandemic of “what they are missing” and attract the attention of those who didn’t!

The campaign begins on 10th January and runs throughout the spring to drive traffic to a new website promoting coach partners and tour products. Appreciating there is a balance between your own regional promotion and incoming footfall, CPT is looking for support from as many DMO’s as possible to support the campaign to support the coaching industry wherever it can and drive traffic to the national website wherever possible.

The information attached provides some more background to the campaign, particularly to the partnership packages, however, they are also keen to explore contra arrangements with Destination Management Organisations & other bodies that are able to help spread the word and promote coach travel and increase coach movements for the purpose of tourism. 

If you are interested to explore this in more detail please contact Phil Smith directly.

His contact details are below.

Coaching Manager

Confederation of Passenger Transport

Mobile tel: 07767113267



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