For Students

Universities are increasingly encouraging students to engage in personal and professional development planning linked to the specific needs of both their degree course and professional body requirements. 

Although universities work to develop employability skills in their students by integrating these skills into curriculum and course design, it is important that as a tourism student you can demonstrate exposure to professional settings and industry experience. The ability and insight to manage your own professional development, whilst studying for your degree qualification, is seen as a key strength by employers.

TMI welcomes and encourages applications for student membership from those studying in full time education particularly those on TMI recognised degree courses. Wherever you are in your studies now and whatever you want to achieve, becoming a student member of the TMI can boost your personal knowledge and professional resources by tapping into TMI’s network of tourism destination management practitioners.

Engaging in professional development as a student member of TMI is a way of linking your academic studies and learning directly to tourism practice. This can give you a head start when it comes to getting your first job in tourism or destination management. 

Student members of TMI have all the benefits of full membership, apart from being able to vote at meetings, at a fraction of the cost.

TMI also encourages and values the opportunity for students to experience working in the sector as an integral and frequently accredited part of their overall studies, either as a series of short placements or one longer internship. To help students, higher education institutions and host employers optimise the benefits from placement opportunities TMI has developed a code of conduct and we also run two competitions for students on TMI Recognised courses: the David Hughes Memorial Award for placement reports, open to undergraduates, and the TMI Postgraduate Prize