TMI Recognition Scheme - Universities & Colleges

Universities and Colleges are increasingly aware of the need to set themselves apart from their competitors. In an ever more competitive marketplace, higher education providers are establishing close links with professional bodies and integrating professional recognition or accreditation into their degree programmes and courses.

As a professional body, TMI operates an assessment and course recognition scheme for higher education courses in tourism and destination management. TMI’s Course Recognition Scheme provides an assurance that a course meets a set of criteria, benchmarks and standards aligned to the needs of the broadly-defined tourism sector. This enhances the relevance of courses and the future employment prospects of graduates.

TMI Course Recognition lasts for a period of four years, or until the course undergoes major changes or revalidation, and provides evidence of tourism industry recognition. TMI course recognition can also provide the basis for establishing and implementing a broader professional development partnership with TMI aimed at strengthening links with TMI’s network of tourism destination management practitioners.  

TMI recognises that many Universities and Colleges offer one-off events, focusing on specific topics, to bring together up to the minute comment and latest research. That's why we also offer the option of awarding TMI Recognised CPD Hours for attendance at these events to universities with TMI Recognised Courses. 

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