Discussion event: TMI Zoom Discussion Thursday 24th February 2022 at 12 noon

Tourism: Force for Good or Ill?

The Ethics of Tourism: ‘Tourism: Force for Good or Ill? Guest Speaker: Tom Buncle, Managing Director of Yellow Railroad Consultancy

About this event

We are delighted to announce that Tom Buncle will be our special guest speaker for our TMI February zoom event.

Tom, a former CEO of VisitScotland and manager of various VisitBritain offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, now runs international destination consultancy Yellow Railroad, and is one of our most widely respected tourism industry leaders. He is a talented and highly entertaining presenter and has some 40 years’ experience in place branding, tourism marketing, destination management planning and crisis recovery on four continents.

The Presentation

Have we had too much of a good thing? As one of the world’s most resilient economic sectors and saviour of many developing economies, tourism is nevertheless not always a force for good. In this session, Tom will take a provocative look at the case for and against tourism and will propose solutions for getting it right. He will shine a light on good and bad practices around the world to bring issues to life for the audience. Everyone should leave this session with a clear idea of both the beneficial and destructive aspects of tourism. They should also leave understanding how to develop tourism responsibly, so that it delivers truly sustainable benefits to host communities.


Tom’s presentation will run for 30 minutes followed by a Q & A.

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