Highlighting the Importance of DMOs in the wake of 'Welcome to Yorkshire' going into Administration

The Board and Members of TMI are saddened to hear today about ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ going into administration. Our thoughts at this difficult time are with the team and their families at WTY who have continued to provide support to the county’s tourism sector through Covid and now face the prospect of having to find alternative positions going forwards. TMI would like to offer support for any employees who are actively searching for employment by providing a notice board across our membership so that DMO’s and other tourism organisations are aware of any skilled personnel who may be suitable for roles which are currently being recruited.

Welcome to Yorkshire is not the first DMO get into trouble over the past two years and its plight serves to highlight the need for the DMO review and the recommendations of the ‘Du Bois’ report to be taken seriously and acted upon swiftly by government. There are many other DMO’s across the country who are operating at very low capacity levels and potentially within the next twelve months there will be further losses according to our members. Even though ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ is in administration the wider Yorkshire region recognises the importance of having an outward facing DMO to position it globally for tourism as well as inward investment alongside the essential role of DMOs in helping business become more sustainable and meeting the COP26 commitments, and that this is a loss which needs to be addressed through whatever mechanisms are available. The question  everyone is asking now is ‘surely the government cannot ignore such a crucial role within the visitor economy and wider business environment ecosystem?’ Action is required and soon, to enable our country’s regions to benefit from any recovery or it will be too late for some.



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