2024 TMI Student Awards: Reflections from 2023 Winner of Simon Curtis Postgraduate Prize – Stella Obiudu




The winner of our 2023 TMI Simon Curtis Postgraduate Prize – Stella Obiudu – shares with us how valuable it has been for her to be awarded the 2023 Prize!

Stella studied an MSc in Tourism Marketing Management at Bournemouth University and based her submission on her research project on ‘Travel Risk and Safety for Solo Female Travellers in France’.

Stella said:

I was thrilled to be awarded the 2023 TMI Simon Curtis Postgraduate Prize and strongly recommend that current postgraduate students apply for the 2024 Prize! Winning the prize has benefitted me enormously in three key ways:
  • Recognition: Being recognised by the Tourism Management Institute for my research project on "Travel Risk and Safety for Solo Female Travellers in France" was a great honour, and it gave me the confidence to continue developing the research project.
  • Validation: Winning the Simon Curtis Postgraduate Prize confirmed to me that my knowledge, and background of the travel industry were extremely relevant, and added more insight when the project was written.
  • Networking: The award has led to gaining connections with professionals in the travel industry and a great mentor who offered valuable guidance and advice.

Interested in applying for the 2024 TMI Simon Curtis Postgraduate Prize? Find out more here: https://tourismmanagementinstitute.simplero.com/tmi-awards

Deadline to receive applications is Friday 21 June 2024

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